Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drop Cloth Curtains

Yes, you might say I'm obsessed with curtains!!!  Every room needs them...they can be super expensive...and when I saw this idea I couldn't wait to try it!  Traci from "Beneath My Heart" was my inspiration!  She uses drop cloths for so many things from indoor curtains, slipcovers, you name it! 

Why did I like this idea?  They're pretty, cheap, durable, and already hemmed!  I will tell you though that drilling into stucco wasn't as easy as I thought!

This is what our back patio looked like the day we took possession of the house...

And here is what it looks like currently...

Using Traci's advice, I purchased my drop cloths at Home Depot.  These don't have a seam in the middle like the ones from Lowe's do.   I used the 9x12 size and they were $20 for the pair!!!!  That's cheaper than IKEA, folks! 

The nice man at Home Depot recommended that I use PVC for the rod since it's lightweight and made of rusting!  He cut it for me and everything!  Great idea, until it wouldn't fit through the rings I bought.  So on to PLAN B.  I went back to Home Depot to get bigger rings.  There weren't any that were bigger that had concrete anchors to match!  Come on, Traci made it look so easy!

PLAN C (the next weekend).  I went out in the garage and saw a curtain rod that I had planned to use in the living room.  Spray painted it (after making sure it fit through my rings) and ta-da!

Before (silver rod)                                                       After (painted metallic bronze)

Okay, so I don't have a picture of my handy-man that had to come over to drill the holes in the stucco for me.  I bought a new drill bit and everything, but when my hole kept getting bigger in circumference instead of depth, I panicked and called good ole Mike!  He didn't even charge me!  He also recommended that I hang them a little higher than the ground because of rain soaking into the bottom.  Good advice.  Great guy!  I eventually need to paint the brackets, but it works for now!

Here are more pictures.  Accessorizing will come later.

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