Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creating Fall

I'm determined to make my house feel like fall even if it's still in the 80's.  While at Michael's today, I noticed that they're artificial flowers were 60% off!  Plus, I had a 20% off project that was under $10!

These are the supplies I used.  The container I already had so I just started shoving flowers in...literally, shoving.  You can't think about it too much or it will drive you crazy! is the outcome!  I think it turned out pretty well and I didn't even cover the peep hole!  But, shhh...we can't tell Macho Man that I had to put a nail hole in the door! 

Here's another look...

The best part?  I have leftovers!  So if you're local, come on over and we can make one for you!

Sneak peek of what's next...

Hmmm...any guesses?!?!

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