Thursday, September 29, 2011

No sew curtains!

So here we are with another weekend approaching and so many projects!  More sod was delivered today and it looks like Saturday is bound to be a planting/mulching day!

But on the inside....I'm continuing the curtain making saga.  I decided to buy my fabric for the great room sliding doors.  This way I can customize the length and it's much more cost-effective!  I was ready to dust off my sewing machine and then I came across hem tape!  When I hung my dining room curtains from IKEA, I couldn't believe they weren't hemmed.  I thought...."hmmm, that's weird",  and hung them anyway.  Then...oila!  (sp?) (pronounced wa-la!) In the bottom of the bag was this white webby stuff folded up.  When looking back at the directions (after I'd hung them of course), it showed that you could IRON a hem!   Now, I know most of you are thinking, "Are you serious?  You'd never heard of this?"  But I promise, I hadn't!  It has changed my world.  Curtains, pillows, pants, the possibilities in this house are endless.  Look out!   Here are pics of the process.

First I ironed a crease...

Then I slipped in the hem tape...

Then ironed them shut and clipped on the hooks...

And...the finished product!

What projects are you working on this weekend?


  1. I love them Nikki. Very, very nice. They give the room dimension. Great job!

  2. you make it look SOOO easy! You are inspiring me for when I finish grad school and have time for more than paper writing!!!

  3. Stephanie, your blog inspires me too! Wish I was more tech-savvy!!!



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