Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Green(ish) Thumb

What a project!  Yes, I'm speaking this week of the outside of my house!  Something that looks so simple is hard work!  I admire anyone who works a job of manual labor, especially in the summer heat!  This project started a few weeks ago with an exciting trip to the local nursery (that's where you buy plants, not babies!)

I loaded up a few of these beauties!  Aren't they beautiful?  They remind me of hydrangeas, but in a fun pinkish, orange color.  I also bought several vincas (okay 15 of them), some potato vine, some variegated bushes...and then remembered, oh ya...I have to fit these in my car somehow!

Miraculously, I managed to get them into my car (with everyone watching in disbelief) and headed home...unloaded them into the driveway, and there they sat aaallllll day long!  I do this every time I buy plants!  I always buy more than I want to plant, but they call out my name and say "buy me" EVERY time!

I had to clean out the flowerbed around the tree.'s a root and almost impossible to get rid of!
Well, I completed the job today, mulch and all.  Let's look at some pictures!



These little flowers make me happy!  I know...I'm a nerd!  I don't particularly like the border, but it's staying for now...till I find a retired gardener looking for something to do!

Next was adding to the bushes already in front of the house.  You can see it in the before picture in the background.  Let's look at the after!

Ta Da!
 And yes...this project was done "centsibly".  The flowers around the tree were $1 each!  

Cheers to another weekend!   

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